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Faith Engagement Leaders Team: 

Faith leaders convene to support bringing justice into the world through organizing within and between our communities. We together assert power for racial equity and justice knowing that there is no liberation without black liberation. As a diverse group we are dedicated to organizing with one another, especially with those directly impacted by systems of oppression, to bring justice to everyone.

Racial Healing Circles:

VOICE Buffalo’s Racial Healing Circles ask participants to form strong connections with each other in order to work together for justice. Each Racial Healing Circle inspires us to reach out to new people and then reconnect monthly to organize for greater justice in our communities and throughout Western New York by coordinating into actions and conversations with our government representatives.

VOICE Buffalo is an interfaith organization meaning we are rooted in the sacredness of our faith traditions, understanding that it is our faith traditions that drive us in our love for people, roots our communities in our prophetic power, and offers the sacred invitation of liberation. It means that as long as your beliefs do not interfere with anyone’s right to exist fully as themselves, no one stands alone. It means that we may believe in a different higher power or powers, but  we need faiths of all traditions to heal the divisions of our society. As people of faith we will not be silent in the face of oppression and abuse, we will work to build intentional relationships, to learn about and acknowledge the diversity of religious beliefs and practices, to recognize the common ground that exists between different faith traditions, to eliminate biases in ourselves and the systems that structure our way of life, and to address individual needs.

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