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In the sacred pursuit of justice and racial equity, VOICE engages in long-term struggles that are led by diverse communities to create tangible change. Through campaigns, VOICE leaders organize people in smaller battles that bring about concrete changes, ultimately improving the lives of individuals and communities. These campaigns provide valuable opportunities to strengthen the foundation of our communities, nurture leadership development, shift worldviews and policy to create a society that promotes healing and wellbeing.



Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) is a pre-arrest diversion program that enables individuals who have committed minor offenses to be diverted away from the punitive carceral system and be redirected towards community support services

Restorative Justice 

Restorative justice is a philosophy and approach to addressing harm and wrongdoing that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by the offense and restoring relationships between individuals and the community. 



A core component of organizing is organizing the vote. A primary initiative of VOICE has been voter engagement, which includes civic education and voter mobilization. When our community is engaged in the democratic process, leaders that are representative of our interests will be elected and we will be able to hold those representatives accountable to the needs of the community who elected them.

Erie County Holding Center 

The majority of individuals who are held in by the DOC are awaiting trial or sentencing, and have not been convicted of a crime. This is due to an inability to afford bail or pretrial detention, and has impacted Black and low-income families disproportionately.

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Surveillance isn’t safety. 

Fund the people, not technology.

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